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Covers encoding and binary digits, entropy, language and that means, effective encoding and the noisy channel, and explores ways that info idea pertains to physics, cybernetics, psychology, and artwork. "Uncommonly strong. .. the main enjoyable dialogue to be came across. " - medical American.

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The essays during this ebook examine the query of no matter if physics might be in response to info, or – as John Wheeler phrased it – even if we will be able to get “It from Bit”. they're in accordance with the prize-winning essays submitted to the FQXi essay festival of an identical identify, which drew over one hundred eighty entries. The eighteen contributions deal with subject matters as varied as quantum foundations, entropy conservation, nonlinear good judgment and countable spacetime.

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Philipp Meisen introduces a version, a question language, and a similarity degree permitting clients to research time period information. The brought instruments are mixed to layout and discover a knowledge method. The awarded process is able to acting analytical initiatives (avoiding any form of summarizability problems), supplying insights, and visualizing effects processing thousands of durations inside milliseconds utilizing an intuitive SQL-based question language.

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414–428 (2007) 13. : Efficient top-k query evaluation on probabilistic data. In: Proc. ICDE-2007, pp. 886–895 (2007) 14. : Top-k query processing in uncertain databases. In: Proc. ICDE-2007, pp. 896–905 (2007) 15. : Answering vague queries in fuzzy DL-Lite. In: Proc. IPMU-2006, pp. 2238– 2245 (2006) 16. : Towards top-k query answering in deductive databases. In: Proc. SMC-2006, pp. 4873–4879 (2006) 17. : Towards top-k query answering in description logics: The case of DL-Lite. , Lisitsa, A. ) JELIA 2006.

3. Active Q P Q Q 4. P 5. 2 Fig. 10. Facts and computation of Example 11 5 Related Work While there are many works addressing the top-k problem for vague queries in databases (cf. [1,3,5,4,6,7,9,8,10]), little is known for the corresponding problem in knowledge representation and reasoning. For instance, [21] considers non-recursive fuzzy logic programs in which the score combination function is a function of the score of the atoms in the body only (no expensive fuzzy predicates are allowed). The work [16] considers non-recursive fuzzy logic programs as well, though the score combination function may consider expensive fuzzy predicates.

If logic operators appear, the calculation of this compatibility degree is carried out as table 3 shows. We use the minimum T-norm and the maximum T-conorm, but the user may change these values by modifying a view (FSQL_NOTANDOR). In this view the user can set the function to be used for every logic operator (NOT, AND, OR). Obviously, that function must be implemented in the FSQL Server or by the user himself. Table 3. Default CDEG computation with logic operators AND OR NOT CDEG() min(CDEG(),CDEG()) max(CDEG(),CDEG()) 1 - CDEG() – Fuzzy Constants: We can use the fuzzy constants detailed in table 4.

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