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By William Burt Pope

Brian J. Abasciano President of the Society of Evangelical Arminians has known as this the simplest Arminian Systematic theology ever written.

This is the second of three volumes written in 1889

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15:49; 6 John 2:25; 7 John 8:23; 8 John 8:46; 9 1 John 3:5. ) St. Paul, though he did not hear the Lord's words, faith-fully draws out their meaning on this subject. He uses the expression Flesh in this connection more than any other writer, and in such a way as to establish the propagation of a corrupted nature, Lest this should be misunderstood, that flesh is said by St. Paul to be the carnal mind,1 what in St. James is not the fróneema, or thought, 2 but, in a less dignified expression, the epithumían, the concupiscence or lust 3 of the flesh.

The want of correspondence between the imputation in Original Sin and the imputation in Christian Righteousness lays a tremendous burden on the doctrine common to the two. Are not My ways equal? 1 This is the Lord's vindication of Himself; and, as to the theology which beclouds His justice, He says to it, are not your ways unequal? 1 Eze. 18:29. 3. It may be rejoined, that St. Paul himself adopts the very method which we denounce, by making the federal covenant with man in Christ the correlative of the federal covenant with man in Adam.

THE DOCTRINE OF ORIGINAL SIN IN ITS GENERAL RELATIONS. These points being established, we may view the doctrine that results from the combination: in its aspect towards the moral government of God and the vindication of His attributes; as explaining the Providential government of the human race; as related to the several doctrines of the Christian Faith; in its bearing on the constituent elements of human nature; and, lastly, in its effect upon the doctrine of sin generally, and in its particular manifestations, as under the discipline of the Gospel.

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