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NEW PATHWAYS IN technological know-how through SIR ARTHUR EDDINGTON M. A. , D. Sc. , LL. D. , F. R. S. Plumian Professor of Astronomy and Experimental Philosophy within the collage of Cambridge MESSENGER LECTURES 1934 CAMBRIDGE on the collage PRESS 1935 revealed IN nice BRITAIN CONTENTS Preface web page vi bankruptcy I technological know-how and adventure I II Dramatis Personae 27 Til the top of the area 50 IV The DeclinaofT terminism seventy two V Indeterminacy and Quantum thought ninety two VI likelihood no VII The structure of the celebs one hundred thirty five VIII Subatomic strength a hundred and sixty IX Cosmic Clouds and Nebulae 184 X The increasing Universe 206 XI The Constants of Nature 229 XII the speculation of teams 255 XIII Criticisms and Controversies 278 XIV Epilogue 309 Index 327 PLATES Plate i Electrons and Positrons dealing with web page 28 by way of permission of Prof.

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And Gilbert Ε. , Am. J. Phys. 41, 12 (1973). APPENDIX PLATO lessons developed for the course Title, file name, completion time, authors, and year of creation (and major revision) are shown. These lessons were published in 1978 by Control Data Corporation under the file names shown. Introduction to PLATO for science students (Ointroduce) 25 min (Kane, 1976) Introduction to Vectors (Oshow) 45 min (Sherwood, 1973, 1974) The Vector Olympics (Ovgame) open-ended (Sherwood, 1976) Problem set: vectors (Omechhwl) 80 min (Smith, Kane, Sherwood, 1974, 1977) One-dimensional kinematics (part 1) (Okineml) 40 min (Sherwood, Peterson, Beece, 1970, 1972, 1977) One-dimensional kinematics (part 2) (0kinem2) 85 min (Sherwood, Beece, 1973, 1977) Problem set: one-dimensional kinematics (0mechhw2) 70 min (Smith, Kane, Sherwood, 1974, 1977) Two-dimensional kinematics (0kinem3) 140 min (Sherwood, 1975) Problem set: two-dimensional kinematics (0mechhw3) 90 min (Smith, Kane, Sherwood, 1974, 1977) Forces and free-body diagrams (OcblO) 70 min (Bennett, 1975) Free-body diagrams (Ofreel) 85 min (Sherwood, Burson, 1971, 1972) Problem set: force and simple dynamics (0mechhwl5) 85 min (Smith, Kane, Sherwood, 1974, 1977) Problem set: dynamics (0mechhw7) 110 min (Smith, Kane, Sherwood, 1974, 1977) Work and kinetic energy (Odz) 70 min (Kane, 1975) Work and position-dependent forces (Okanel) 20 min (Kane, 1975) Problem set: work and kinetic energy (0mechhw8) 70 min (Smith, Kane, Sherwood, 1974, 1977) Stored energy: the work-energy equation (Owork) 85 min (Sherwood, 1977) Problem set: conservation of energy (Omechhwl6) 85 min (Smith, Kane, Sherwood, 1974, 1977) 36 D .

We found, however, that with such a severe penalty, some students were rushing through the material as quickly as possible just to get it done. We have settled on a system under which we give full credit for a lesson if it is completed by a certain date and about 1 0 % less if it is completed later. This has proven to be quite satisfactory in motivating most students to keep caught up. Through the on-line gradebook, they are able to see a distribution of everyone's cumulative score on the P L A T O work on a day-to-day basis, and since this score counts about 2 0 % in their overall course grade, there is a natural tendency to not want to fall behind.

We argued that these problems would be solved by later technology. Our position has been vindicated by recent developments, as will be discussed in the last section of this paper. The course designers were Alfred Bork and Joseph Marasco. Stephen Franklin played a major role in the development of the on-line quizzes. A group of excellent student programmers worked under the direction of Estelle Warner. 37 38 Α. BORK COURSE STRUCTURE We chose a Keller plan or personalized system of instruction format for the course.

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