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By J. Horne

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1. Uncertainty and decision-making -- 2. the concept that of chance -- three. Distributions and expectation -- four. the concept that of software -- five. video games and optimization -- 6. Entropy -- 7. Mathematical facets -- eight. Exchangeability and inference -- nine. Extremes -- 10. possibility, protection and reliability -- eleven. info and simulation -- 12.

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Ether Atmung,/ respiration, breathing, expiration atók, sterile ATOKIE Atokie,/. sterility atomar, atomisch, atomic Atombegriff, m. concept of the atom Atomlehre,/, atomic theory Atlas, m. ) Atlaserz, n. v. attenuate Attest, n. v. v. ) Ätzkalk, m. v. v. rear up (sich —), of horses, etc. v. ) Aufbereitung, / . dressing treatment, washing, etc. v. raise (salary); improve Aufbetón, m. v. v. v. v. v. v. v. v. v. conceive, interpret, regard, understand, catch; collect (rainwater) Auffassung, / . v. v.

Whet, sharpen, grind slightly Anschlag, m. , fix, attach; (of food) suit, do good, agree with Anschlagskette, / . v. join on, add Anschluß, m. annexation, joining, connection, supply (box) Anschlußdose, / . v. v. v. v. v. stretch, expand, tighten, tauten. v. v. v. ) ANSPRUCH Anspruch, m. v. v. ), conduct (experiments); sich — queue; behave; pretend Anstellung,/ post, position, job Anstellwinkel, m. ) Antho-, blossom — Anthrachinon, n. ) Antimonfahlerz, n. antimonal copper, tetrahedrite Antiquariat,n.

Ostwald-Luther, Hand- und Hilfsbuch zur Ausführung physiko-chemischer Messungen, Dover Publications, New York, 1943. B. S. Waterways Exper. Station, Engineering Department Research Centre, Vicksburg, Mississippi, 1942. EICHHORN, VON. , Econ Verlag, 1962/63. EPPNER, W. Illustrierte technische Wörterbücher, Deutsch, Englisch, Französisch, Italienisch, Spanisch, Russisch, Springer, Berlin, 1937 (vols I, II, XVII by Schlomann). BAUER, L SOME REFERENCE WORKS LI M. German-English, English-German Technical Dictionary, Tauchnitz, 1948.

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